County Retirees Protest Healthcare Changes

Saturday, 27 October 2018

Members of the Sheriff's Office Association of Retirees (SOAR) organized a labor rally prior to the County Legislature's October meeting to protest Monroe County's changing of contractually-promised healthcare benefits for more than 1,800 County retirees. The goal of this rally was to inform the public how Monroe County, over the last seven years, has repeatedly decreased, and even stopped providing benefits that were promised through good faith negotiations.

Several current and retired Firefighters from IAFF Local 1636 joined dozens of members from SOAR, CSEA, ARPALER, and MCSPBA in carrying signs and attending the Legislature meeting. Our presence was to support the affected retirees and remind this administration that they need to provide the benefits that were agreed upon. L1636 President Paul Miller was among those who reiterated this point to several members of the local media, and the elected officials who were willing to come out and talk with those in attendance. Monroe County Clerk Adam Bello, 10th District Legislator Howard Maffucci, 14th District Legislator Justin Wilcox, 17th District Legislator Joseph Morelle, Jr., and NYS Assemblywoman-elect Jamie Romeo were among those to spend time talking with the retirees and union members present.

Following the demonstration outside, MCSPBA President Jason Elliotto joined several members of SOAR who signed up to publicly address the members of the Legislature and other County Representatives who were in attendance. It was clear to all in attendance that these men and women, who dedicated the best years of their lives to protecting the residents of Monroe County, are not pleased at the continuous disrespect and dishonest actions of this administration.

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Photos from the demonstration can be seen in the Facebook posts below.