Our Mission

The Monroe County Airport Fire Fighters Association, IAFF Local 1636, is responsible for negotiating an acceptable wages and benefits package for the Fire Fighters and Fire Captains of the Greater Rochester International Airport (ROC) Fire Department. We also work with the Airport Fire Chief and airport administration to ensure our members are provided with the appropriate working conditions, tools, and equipment to do their job as safely and efficiently as possible. Our members are employed by the County of Monroe, and the Department’s operation is 100% funded through airport fees and rents, meaning there is no impact to local taxpayers.

Our members are entrusted with the protection of those travelers, visitors and employees who utilize the ROC airport. This includes our primary duty of responding to aircraft incidents and accidents, along with structural responses, vehicle and machinery accidents, fuel and fluid spills, and emergency medical responses to all buildings and roadways on airport property. We also conduct periodic fire and safety inspections on airport buildings, fire protection systems, fueling facilities, and vehicles that are used for fueling the aircraft.

All of our members continually train to provide the best service possible, are certified Fire Fighters, and are also trained to the level of NY State EMT-D. In addition to this, all members receive extensive annual training in Aircraft, Rescue and Firefighting techniques as required by the FAA (Part 139, CFR).

Due to the specialized equipment we have on the airport, we have been requested to the scene of many of the larger incidents the area has seen. A few examples include the gasoline tanker fires on I-390 (1995) and W. Ridge Rd. (2003), the 2001 train derailment in Charlotte, and most notably the 2012 Christmas Eve fire in West Webster where four firefighters were shot, two of them fatally.

Our Union is currently affiliated with the International Association of Fire Fighters, the New York State Professional Fire Fighters Association, and the Monroe County Professional Fire Fighters Association.