President's Message

First off I want to thank all of our members for putting their trust in me to maintain our strong presence as their new President. I have big shoes to fill because President Miller was a knowledgeable and strong leader. New challenges come every day but because we have a great Executive Board we are able to tackle these challenges head on - as a team.

2020 was certainly a year of hard decisions and difficult circumstances, the likes of which I have never seen in my career. I think adversity gives us the best opportunity to learn, grow and come out stronger. As a Union we have worked extremely hard to improve our health, safety and working conditions and that is paramount to us. The attacks on Unions - and labor as a whole - combined with the current PFAS situation presents great hurdles for us. I find great comfort knowing that we have the backing of the IAFF, NY State Professional Firefighters, the Monroe County Firefighters Professional Firefighters and all of the other Monroe County Unions.

It is an honor to represent the members of our Union and I am optimistic that we can continue to grow and prosper.

Keith Farrell

President - Keith Farrell

IAFF Local 1636