January 3, 2024

L1636 Member's Family Suffers House Fire

One week ago on June 18th, Afton Lathigee, the daughter of Rochester Airport Firefighter and Local 1636 Sergeant-at-Arms Bob Blank experienced a garage fire that extended into the living areas of the house. Thankfully, all of the family members that were home were able to self-evacuate and were not injured, however, the home suffered extensive damage. Adding insult to injury, the house was broken into following the fire and many salvageable belongings were stolen leaving the family with almost no possessions.

A report was filed with the Monroe County Sheriff's Office but the added emotional toll of losing children's toys, clothes, toiletries, small appliances, etc. was obviously unexpected.Those responsible for the break-in should be ashamed and we sincerely hope they can be brought to justice.

A GoFundMe account has been established to try and help the family of four recover from this fire. They are staying with family currently but trying to find a new place to live within the Hilton School District. If you are able to help monetarily, donations can be made at the GoFundMe link below. You can also find updates and additional information on what the family needs on that page. You can also contact Afton from there if you have any information on rental properties in the North Greece/Hilton area that might be available soon.

On behalf of our membership, we sincerely appreciate any help you might be able to provide to our extended family - be it through donations, information, or even simply sharing this link.

**Originally Posted Friday, 25 June 2021