Mohawk Airlines Crash - July 1963
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         At 1549 hours on July 2, 1963, a Mohawk Airlines Martin 404 attempted to takeoff during a severe thunderstorm. During the initial climb, the pilot lost control of the aircraft and it crashed to the ground. Upon impact, the aircraft broke into several pieces and was consumed by fire. Airport firefighters responded to the crash and immediately began a rescue operation.
         There were 43 souls on board at the time of takeoff (40 passengers, 3 crew), of which 7 were killed (5 passengers, 2 crew). Of those remaining, 29 passengers and 1 crew member suffered serious injuries, while 6 passengers received minor injuries. In their final report, the NTSB attributed the crash to poor judgment by the pilot in command. Visibility at the time was reported to be a 1/2 mile or less, with rain and hail present.

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